As the title would elude, today I turn 31 years old. Not a milestone birthday but an important one to me.

This will be the year of exploration for me. It’s a nervous excitement that I feel, but an excitement notheless.

The last eight years have been an unbelievable whirlwind, doing pretty much nothing but navigating the startup life (3 companies— one great success, one mild one, and one failure). I’ve seen insane highs and lower lows than I thought possible. The stress would at times seem insurmountable yet here I am — another year older, clock still ticking.

While I’m certainly sad to know that I’ll be soon closing an important chapter of my life that was my previous company, Circa, I’m ready to start a new one. This next chapter will be one that’s focused a bit more inward, at least for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been unhealthy for a long time. Physically, emotionally, and all the other “-ally’s.” 31 will be the year that I fix that — erase bad habits, start good ones. Here’s to hoping that the practices I establish will extend for my remaining time on this planet.

I hope to learn, love, play, create, rest, distract, focus, dream, and discover.

So here’s to 31 and new beginnings.

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Written from 35,000 feet on my iPhone while in a floating chair in the sky. Man, the world is awesome.

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Dad, Midwesterner, product designer, coffee snob, craft beer lover, GIF enthusiast.

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