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United States of America Bill of Rights

The Second Amendment and digital security

What would a more modern interpretation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution look like?

Should the 2nd Amendment cover digital ‘arms’?

The first thing that I’d like to point out is that it’s amazing to me that the Bill of Rights still stands in its mostly intact form today. That’s because of the foresight of the founding fathers to give us a document vague enough to be left to interpretation, but specific enough to protect our freedoms. With that in mind, I’ll point this out:

The 2nd Amendment says “Arms”, not “firearms”

At the time, the use of the word Arms clearly meant firearms as there wasn’t really any other way of defending one’s self, one’s country, or in theory, defending against a government gone awry. However, the scope of war has evolved. As has the scope of ones personal property and privacy — all changed through the lens of the Internet age. So might the definition of “Arms” need an update?

The unfortunate reality

It’s probably safe to assume that the U.S. Government won’t be this forward-thinking. More than likely, the 2nd Amendment will get further defined as “firearms” and not include any other means of defense. This will unfortunately leave some of the above questions left up to ever more interpretation and likely a further encroaching of one’s rights.

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