Starting something is hard

I read the title “Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk — they come from families with money” and just about threw up in my mouth. It was meant to rile the reader up — the typicial link-bait bullshit headline that draws one in.

By now, this piece on already cash-wealthy entrepreneurs has been making the rounds a lot so I thought I’d just add my quick thoughts:

I was not born with a silver spoon. My parents did just fine and provided for my brother and I well, but had to work incredibly hard just to do that. I didn’t come from a family of money, instead from a family of insanely hard workers. Ryan and I have both carved out a successful path for ourselves having learned from that ethic.

While we may not be many, there are some entrepreneurs that weren’t born into big dollars and for us the fight is different. It’s more visceral, the stakes are higher. But while I think that entrepreneurs that were born into money do have a potential soft landing if something doesn’t work out, it shouldn’t discount the fact that it’s still not easy to start something from scratch.

No matter if you were born rich or not, starting something is hard. People should at least respect that.

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