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My iTunes library is filled with over 19,000 songs. Over the last year or so my music listening behavior changed to mostly listening to new stuff in Spotify, and then playing those albums over and over. Through that period of time I really lost touch with a lot of my old favorites. Time to fix that.

To rediscover some of the old songs I’d play often I created a smart playlist with the following criteria:

  • The last time the song was played was more than 4 months ago
  • I’ve played the song more than 14 times — this was just a guess, and I could always adjust it down to 13 to add a bunch more tunes, but this felt like a good threshold for now
  • Play time is greater than 2 mintues — this should clear out a bunch of tracks caught in the middle of albums that are just short

So far in listening to this playlist on shuffle it’s been a wonderful journey of rediscovery. If you’ve got a large iTunes library that needs dusting off, I’d highly recommend trying this little experiment out.

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Dad, Midwesterner, product designer, coffee snob, craft beer lover, GIF enthusiast.

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