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Eight years ago some friends and I dove head first into the startup world with our company Socialthing. Now many years later I’ve co-founded three companies (Socialthing, SimpleGeo, Circa), advised numerous others (including ScoreStream, Memoir, Untappd), and mentored at TechStars and other startup accelerators. My time in the startup world has been incredibly fulfilling but exhausting so I thought… why not take this opportunity following Circa’s closing and sharing my learnings and insights with others?

Product is my absolute passion, ideas are my oxygen, and seeing something through the whole process gives me an immense amount of energy. It would be great if I could fill most of my week with continuing that passion, especially if it’s not with my own ideas.

Open for business…

At least for the next year or so I’d like to open my time to consulting. Some key areas of interest for me are mobile apps, consumer plays, market disruptors, messaging and conversational user interface, and enterprise tools. As far as what I can offer, here’s a small sample of things:

  • Taking a raw thought through ideation, reaching a more well defined product concept
  • Moving from an existing product and idea to a stronger, cohesive vision, user experience, interface, and executable plan
  • Seeing a product through ideation all the way through go-to-market, including the above, but also branding exercises and other launch strategies, etc.

In total I’ll be splitting up my time up between one and two day ideation/brainstorming engagements, multi-week sprints to achieve a well defined plan, and some retainer-based arrangements to continually give time.

Getting in touch

Whether you’re a startup looking to speed up your time to market or a corporation looking to collaborate on innovative ideas, by all means I’d love to be in touch.

Email me at and we’ll see if there’s work to be done together!

P.S. It feels SUPER weird to put this out there and basically “sell myself.” But you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take, so here we are.

To see how I think about product, have a look at a few of these posts and interviews:

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Dad, Midwesterner, product designer, coffee snob, craft beer lover, GIF enthusiast.

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